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Tablet and Smartphone based data collection and distribution applications are revolutionising how people work.

Businesses worldwide are adopting mobile applications as a means of capturing timely business critical information away from the office. There is widespread adoption today across many industries for purposes such as:

Using the latest Android SDK development tools, we can develop mobile applications employing all the capabilities of today's tablets and smartphones to increase productivity regardless of where your staff may be.

In addition to the private business applications which we have developed for specific clients, we have some applications available for download on the Google Play Store (click on the app description for details):

PNG PAYE Tax Calculator - FREE
Calculates PNG P.A.Y.E (Personal Income) Tax for PNG Residents who have lodged a Tax Declaration
The tax calculations are based on the Algorithm provided by the IRC for PAYE Tax payable on or after July 2012

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Solar Calculator - FREE
For Solar Navigators and Solar Panel setup. Calculates Sun Position, Solar Time, Sunrise & Sunset etc for any location and date time.

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Watch Alert - FREE
A reminder/alarm designed for Watchkeepers /Singlehanders at sea. (Also useful for anyone else that needs an easily resettable count-down timer.)

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Raffle Draw - FREE
Draw raffle tickets, sweepstakes, luck door prizes etc on your Android tablet so that everyone can see the numbers as they come up.

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